Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Squeakiest Pip-squeak

The only thing that has prevented this regime, pere et fils, from being more thoroughly squashed has been the support of major power China on the northern border. This was true during the Korean 'police action', and it is true now. Former president and Nobel peace prize winning diplomat Jimmy Carter, under the administration of President Clinton, had negotiated both nuclear disarmament and a peace treaty to officially end the North/South Korea conflict from the M.A.S.H. days of the 50s. Dumb-ass disastrous right wing militant president Dubya threw that out, instead of signing it. As a result we have the escalating activity of the Kim Jong jerks. Diplomacy and peace are ALWAYS cheaper and better than wars, unless you are a right wing neo-con.

We should take a look at our own militant crazies (look to your right) before we criticize the other side for engaging in paranoia and conspiracy theories. Taking any and all power to fuck things up out of the hands of the right wing militarists is a good start towards peace - and sanity. We can rely on Obama to engage in a calm, adult, deliberate and appropriately measured response to any action taken by the wacky pip-squeak. Let us hope he will also engage, in cooperation with China, to manage any crisis shorty here will try to manufacture, up to and including a regime change for the better -- unlike the right wing nuts who plan badly, at the expense of us all, in lives and the opportunity to better use our tax dollars.

This is the difference between sane adult governance, and right wing ignorant, emotional, macho ideology in action.  They call it patriotism; it is anything but genuine patriotism.  This shows us how much safer the world would have been without the GOP in charge, and why we cannot let them near power again.

President Obama has to clean up yet one more mess from the GOP years. Fortunately we still have our former Democratic presidents to assist him in the Herculean task, not unlike cleaning up the bull shit of the Augean stables.

While the image below pokes fun at this jumped up little turd with delusions of importance and power, it has some elements of truth as well as humor in understanding the reality of our international situation.

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