Sunday, August 24, 2008


One thing we can be certain of, no matter who Barack Obama picked as a running mate, the Republicans would have attacked him or her. They had a canned commercial all setup and ready to air first thing Saturday for Biden. As Biden was the least likely of four or five possibilities, it's easy to conclude really ANYONE chosen would have been attacked.

For Hilary - too liberal, too bitchy, too much like Bill
Tom Kaine - too inexperienced
Biden - too experienced
Bill Richardson - too much of an outsider, too inexperienced, too liberal

It would have happened no matter what, and that's why Tim Pawlenty's criticisms of Obama and Biden are nothing more than political theatre. Biden represented a reasonable, though unexpected, balancing of the ticket, in the same way that Dukakis selected Lloyd Bentsen, or for that matter, Dubbya chose Cheney.

I don't love the selection of Biden, I don't see him adding much in terms of diversity, I would have rather had Clinton, as I think she represents (for some unknowable reason) an olive branch to blue-collar Democrats and Independents, but then again, so does Biden. It's just I suppose with Biden, Obama avoids the acrimony which built up between he and Clinton, and he avoids Bill's commanding presence at the White House.

But of one thing I am truly certain, the Republicans will SAY ANYTHING at any time, such as the doctoring of climate change data, birth and health statistics, invention of intelligence about Uranium, blaming of North Korea for the acts of Pakistan and Dubai, (this list is endless btw), to them, politics trumps truth, the ends justifies the means, and making a hollow claim (Pawlenty) which is absolutely and easily applicable to their own President, is just fine as long as it gets air time.

And get airtime it will, thanks to Faux News, another certainty - like taxes used to make the rich richer, a certainty you can bet the house on.


  1. I love the "Faux News" bit.

    I think Senator Biden is a strong choice, and I think this will become more apparent as the autumn moves along.

    I, for one, have no idea who Senator McCain will select to be his running mate. That being said, if he picks Governor Pawlenty, I'll pop the pop-corn for that debate, because Senator Biden would hand back to the Republican nominee Governor Pawlenty's home-spun head on a platter....

  2. Ted, I agree that Governor Palin would be a better running mate choice than Governor Pawlenty for Senator McCain.

    That's why I have mixed thoughts about it; I want to see Senator Obama win, you see....

  3. Ted,

    Your comment seems like canned reply, since it really wasn't on point. Please confirm you aren't working as a paid advocate for McCain sending pre-packaged messages on websites.

    If you are, plese desist from doing so on my blog.

    If you do not confirm as such, I will be required to block your posts in future.


  4. Peev, your a fine one to complain about canned off topic responses

  5. I've never once aired a canned comment gob.

    Also, Peevish was a name chosen to mock Mitch Berg, the king of peevishness. If you'd like to continue to use it, your choice, but don't expect consistent replies.

    As for off topic, Berg ducks every inconvenient issue until he can find some craven way to spin black into white - so I push him onto things he is generally incompetent in addressing, hang me.

    Howver, my reply was in relation to the nonsequitor he brought up reflecting the probability of it being canned, not a complaint about it being a nonsequitor. You may want to reread what I posted again, I think it was clear, but it seems you didn't understand it.

    This was someone talking about McCain's unmade choice, I don't mind that part at all, as there is a corollary. Howver, a canned commment, from a campaign hiring people to make canned comments, that's not ok - and I won't abide it. It's loathsome, unetchical conduct. No ifs, no ands, no buts.

    I suggest in the future, if you don't want to look like some right wing goof simply spinning an argument from something it wasn't, you may want to read more carefully. That has nothing to do with off topic. My comment was about the fact that it appeared canned because it was so off point and appeared to be written as a press release, it has that prose.

    Nuff said

  6. Ted,

    As you failed to clarify whether you were simply posting canned spam on my blog, and it gave every appearance of being such, I have removed your posts.

    I do not tolerate spam on this blog, I certainly don't tolerate pre-paid deceptive blogging either. If that isn't what you were engaging in, my apology, but it certainly seems so.

  7. No pressure, but I'm still waiting for the next installment....