Friday, April 12, 2013

More failed right wing priorities

Where you can marry your cousin, but where the right wing nuts in the state rejects your right to religious freedom. More proof that the right is anti-liberty, anti-America.

It is no surprise that part of the movie Deliverance was shot in North Carolina, a movie which is in part profoundly about the full meaning of the concept of backward.  It is entirely about what is involved in creating the widespread negative aspects of the idiot savant playing the banjo in the clip above.  Red states, due to their failed conservative policies and failed values, consistently tend to under-perform in every important social metric, from education to health care to economic status, and to be the worst in regards to deaths and injuries from firearms, and to the number of prisoners they incarcerate. Although it is also worth noting that much of the actor, Billy Redden's appearance is due to makeup, and that he could not in fact, play the banjo - that was done by an accomplished musician, Mike Addis, reaching around to play the banjo from behind him, hidden by careful camera angles. The appearance that he was given, building on his own individual quirks of appearance, are very similar to fetal alcohol syndrome.

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