Sunday, June 30, 2013

Solidarity for Gay Pride

LGBT pride flagFrom those of us at Penigma, hooray for gay pride marches in this country, for June as gay pride month, and triple cheers for the recognition of gay civil rights this year in the SCOTUS decisions relating to gay marriage, and for the recognition of gay marriage in Minnesota.

Here is an example of why it is important that we push back against heinous misinformation and bigotry, like the notion that same sex orientation is an abomination, that gays are pedophiles, or should not be allowed to marry and to parent children.  We especially need to fight those who want to criminalize normal human sexuality and sexual orientation, taking us backward, not forward, in a hurtful and dangerous way.

Further, here is just one example of why we need to change those laws in a number of states, as well as make it illegal for governors to issue anti-gay executive orders, and why we should remove bigots like Scalia from the SCOTUS. These prejudices and this kind of discrimination are clearly harmful to those who are part of the LGBT community, and their families, but it is also harmful to us well beyond those individuals, for the rest of us:

No more. This kind of oppression must stop NOW.  It is wrong, and we ALL lose by it.

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