Tuesday, January 20, 2015


  • NOT the date of his assassination, the holiday celebrates MLK's birthday (actually occurred last week - this is the nearest Monday, a custom for federal holidays).
  • NOT true that black people could not or did not have guns in the 1960's; MLK himself had a gun for about six months for protection, before getting rid of it because of his evolving views on non-violence.
  • CLEARLY does NOT have a clue what the legacy is of MLK, or why we celebrate him as a significant historic figure.
  • Just another stupid teabagger figurehead, with no grasp of factual history, too damned lazy and ideology obsessed to think or learn anything, but eager to run her dumb mouth, spreading more ignorant to other wilfully ignorant fools and bigots.  So appalling, so offensive, you just couldn't make this shit up if you tried.

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