Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Conservatives are HYPOCRITES

I have to give Donald Trump credit for consistency at least, as an idiot birther. Wrong. But consistent.

Much as I hate to give him credit for anything, at least a few folks on the right are at least consistent in their birther insanity.  It should be fun to watch those same birthers struggle with the internal conflict in what they believe.......but they seem simply to ignore it.  THAT is the hypocrisy in the conduct and the ideology of the right, the blithe inconsistency, the overt and the incipient bigotry of it.  The application of a double standard of conduct is intolerable.  This is not a unique pattern to the legitimacy of President Obama.  It is systemic on the right.

Or perhaps 'the Donald' is just as much a bigot towards the Latinos as well as 'the blacks', as he calls them.

I couldn't have put it better than this image via Facebook via The Blue Street Journal. I can only wait for Hillary (or someone else from the left) to point this out should the opportunity arise (and it will) in 2016.

When, oh when, do we hear again from bat shit crazy Orly Taitz whinging away that Cruz cannot be President?  crickets....

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