Wednesday, April 29, 2015

RIP Patrick Howe

We mourn the passing of one of our blogosphere friends, in France, Patrick Howe, aka Microdot.

His blog was always funny, creative, frequently insightful, witty without being pedantic.  Thank you to my fellow blogging partner here, Laci the dog, for introducing me to Patrick, and for notifying me of his death after a sudden and serious illness.

RIP, Patrick; at 65 you left us way too soon. Adieu, mon ami.


  1. And he made us all a better person.

    1. He did indeed, J.O.B.

      Always good to hear from you too - it's been too long!

  2. I'm always around DG. It's definitely been too long, but my life has been hectic the last 18 months. I was actually working up in your neck of the woods all of February. It's just too bad that it took something like this to bring me to comment. I just published a post on Muddy's blog. Patrick was such a good man. I have never shed a tear for a man that I never met before. It's a sad day for this guy, for sure.
    But remember, I'm always around. I'll be back to posting and commenting soon enough. Just be careful what you ask for DG.... Take care of yourself Sweety, I'll be around.