Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday Fun-day - more Fiore

in view of the provoked attack last weekend in Texas. A pox on both the extremists - the anti-muslims associated with the bigot Pam Geller, who only seeks free speech for herself and those who agree with her, but not those who disagree with her, and who seeks to prevent the exercise of freedom of religion under the Constitution as well, and a pox on those who are stupid enough to be propagandized through extreme religion to act violently against others.

I've seen plenty of those who think like the provocateurs that all Muslims are terrorists, and they further argue that there is a war against Christianity (there isn't), AND perhaps the most egregious claim of all, they claim that there is not a war being waged IN THE USA against Muslims, that Christians are not violent towards that other faith.

That is not true.  Not only is the hate attacks of the like of Geller an attack on all Muslims, not just terrorists, much like the anti-semitism we have seen throughout history, but there is very real violence against Muslims in this country on a regular basis, without provocation by the individual victims.

From CNS news back in February of this year:
“We [CAIR] now call on the DHS and FBI to release an intelligence assessment addressing the spike in hate crimes targeting Muslim, Arab, Middle Eastern, Sikh, Hindu, and South Asian communities throughout the United States,” CAIR said.
“Without an awareness of the threat posed by all forms of violent extremism, our national security will remain at risk.”
In a brief earlier this month outlining its concerns about the administration’s CVE programs, CAIR noted that the government had not launched an equivalent program after two men allegedly linked to the sovereign citizen movement were accused of with the 2012 murder of two Louisiana deputy sheriffs. (The accused are facing capital murder charges.)
“The absence of nationally-announced government CVE programs targeting violence emanating from white supremacist or anti-government groups results in the false insinuation that American Muslims are not fully invested in honoring our religious and civic duty to our nation,” the CAIR brief stated.
Another lobby group, Muslim Advocates, also expressing its concern about the CVE initiative, claimed that it focused on Muslims and ignored “the roughly 95% of other threats of extremist violence.”
In March of this year the FBI announced that it would now be tracking this kind of hate crimes, including those against Sikhs who are frequently mistaken for Muslims.  From and the Siasat daily:
In 2011, two elderly Sikh Americans, Gurmej Atwal and Surinder Singh, were shot and killed while out for a walk in Elk Grove, California, a part of Bera's constituency, in a suspected hate crime that is still unsolved.
"Since the September 11th attacks, too many Americans, especially Sikh, Hindu and Arab-Americans, have been wrongfully subjected to hate crimes and discrimination, including the shooting of two Sikh Americans in my own city," Bera said.
"Religious tolerance is a fundamental value of our nation and we must do everything we can to prevent these crimes motivated by bias against a victim's religious beliefs," he said.
"Until now, Anti-Sikh hate crimes were not recognized by the FBI," said Rajdeep Singh, Director of Law and Policy at the Sikh Coalition.
"Year after year, Sikh Americans were being targeted for harassment and violence because of their distinct identity.
"For the first time, the FBI now officially acknowledges that Sikhs are targeted for being Sikhs. While refinements are needed to the agency's tracking system and training standards, we are making progress," he said.

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