Sunday, June 28, 2015

A passing observation on the hyopcrisy of conservative SCOTUS Justices

Looking in comparison and contrast at the two decisions, Hobby Lobby and Marriage Equality , I could not help but be struck by the rank hypocrisy displayed by the conservative justices.

The Justices were all about the importance of religious belief in the Hobby Lobby decision, while mocking it in the decision opinion written by Justice Kennedy.

That argues to me something I have noted before, that conservatives will bend over backward, including bending to the point of breaking, the Constitution they are sworn to uphold and protect, when it comes to granting special rights and privileges that are contrary to law for their fellow conservative Christians.  But they are unwilling to acknowledge that many branches of Christianity and of Judaism recognize and perform gay marriages or that their congregants hold their beliefs as sincerely as anyone else.

When you find Justice Thomas, who just came over to the side of light and reason when it came to recognizing that confederate flag symbols on license plates are racist, and that states should be free to refuse to issue them, we see him asserting that laws cannot affect human dignity because dignity is innate.  He went so far as to assert that slavery did not diminish human dignity, which is hard to reconcile with almost everything on the subject that argues the existence of slavery was demeaning to human dignity because of the obliteration of the most fundamental autonomy by the institution and of course because of the damage to human beings by the mental and physical abuse and brutality.

We have Chief Justice Roberts contending that so long as the federal government does not imprison gay couples, they must be enjoying the same liberty to cohabit and to raise their children.  Never mind how much these families clearly are treated as second class citizens when they are denied the same benefits of marriage, including financial ones.  By this reasoning the only thing wrong with forbidding marriage between couples identified as belonging to different races in the Loving v. Virginia SCOTUS decision was that interracial marriage included penalties of prison, not that laws banning inter-racial marriage were inherently wrong.  And yet we are supposed to believe that Hobby Lobby is horribly damaged and their freedom is impaired because they are required to offer the same contraception coverage they had been providing all along to employees, and because they choose to believe that a form of contraception is abortion, in the face of all factual evidence to the contrary? 

This is clearly the grossest hypocrisy, the grosses lack of judicial standards of fairness and impartiality.

SHAME SHAME SHAME on Conservative Christians for their abuse of what should be a bastion of Justice and the Constitution.

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