Saturday, September 26, 2015

Republican Econommic Policies DO NOT WORK

The right wing policies have aggravated the wealth and income inequality gap, and have been largely responsible for crashes and recessions.

Yet they never learn, they continue to repeat their mistakes, to adhere to their failed ideology in the face of overwhelming evidence to the failure.  Objective reality is discounted, denied and ignored.

This is one of the best contrasts we could have as to those failures and to liberal policy successes.

While looking at the graphic below, remember that dire predictions were made as well about the economic consequences of Obamacare. NONE of the conservative-predicted negatives have come to pass.

In arguably the most pure ideological example of right wing economic policies applied, Kansas has been swirling faster and faster in that wet, stinky downward cycle of the economic toilet.  The economy has not done well, and the government has consistently been in the hole. Basic government functions have not been met, and there has been a steady decrease in real freedom.

From Meme GOP on FB.

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