Sunday, June 12, 2016

Donald Trump, Classless Jackass

There is a saying that you can't buy class, no matter how hard you try.

Donald Trump, you are a no-class heel.  Trying to benefit politically from a mass killing is beneath contempt.  Today Trump tweeted, "Appreciate the congrats about Islam.."  What a self-congratulating ass.  As if anyone particularly cares about the "congrats" anyone gives Trump (underserved) on this horrific day.

Donald, show just a bit more taste, you know, that thing you spend opulently to try to have but fail completely to obtain.

Instead, your insecurity has you commenting about how "smart" you are to have "predicted" that there would be/will be acts of terror.  News flash Donald, that's not smart, it's obvious and EVERYONE understood it was very likely if not inevitable but taking credit for saying so on the day, doing an "I told you so" about something so plainly and painfully obvious on the day it happens is a new, disgusting low, even for you.

Perhaps instead, since you want to try to make it political, you could answer for the fact that YOU defend allowing someone as crazy as this whack job to have an assault rifle.  Perhaps YOU should take some responsibility for having attacked foreign Muslims, this guy was born in New York City after all.  Perhaps YOU should admit the policies of the NRA are wrong when they prevent keeping firearms from the seriously mentally ill.  But no, like the self-centered cretin you are, you attempt to twist this in a spew of venal snark into something about YOU.  You classless ass.  You should be ashamed.

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  1. Anyone who describes conspicuous consumption and an excess of gold leaf and gold plating as 'classy' is by definition anything but elite in any way, least of all in the category of taste.

    Sadly those who do not understand what is actually in good taste are the ones most likely to be impressed by what Trump claims demonstrates 'class' (presumably 'high class').

    Given that Trump himself is from a fairly affluent background, it is shocking he has himself such a poor grasp of culture and anything purporting to be of high, prestigious or elite 'class'.