Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Reince Priebus on Face the Nation: Failure

On Sunday, January 8th, Reince Priebus apppeared on Face the Nation, an interview which included the statement that we have 25 million uninsured people in the United States.  He further posited that this represented a failure of Obamacare to cover every person. He kept calling Obamacare a failure.

It is in fact a success, a success that is, or was, growing.

I would argue this was a bold faced evil intentioned lie.

The reality is that under Republicans prior to the Democratic sweep of the Senate and White House, there was ZERO effort on the part of Republicans to address health care issues, other than to find new ways to enact wealth redistribution to the wealthy, both corporate and individuals, the life and health of average Americans be damned.

Number of serious or new replacement ideas from the GOP? ZERO.

Number of uninsured Americans the GOP sought to provide health care or insurance coverage? ZERO

THAT is failure. And they are continuing that failure, not learning from it or improving on it.

It was not an exaggeration when then-Congressman Alan Grayson back in 2009 referred to the Republican plan for health care, as "Die. Die Quickly.".

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