Thursday, March 9, 2017

Travel Ban 2.0 update; back in court

Hawaii is suing to overturn the latest Trump anti-Muslim ban.  The Attorney General of Washington state is expected to join in this law suit as well, after his initial success in cooperation with our own excellent AG, Lori Swanson.

I have yet to see an announcement as I write this if Swanson will join the Hawaii suit, which should again go, eventually before the 9th Circuit Appellate Court.

Legal analysts of the latest Anti-Muslim Travel Ban have opined the new version of the executive hate order contrived this new bigot ban specifically to succeed with the 9th Circuit.  However there are still major problems that continue with this ban from the previous iteration, notably all of the prior ban promotions of this ban as being specific to Islam, and the failure to demonstrate a significant danger from travelers from these six countries.

Homeland Security has been emphatically clear that national origin is NOT a predictor of subsequent terrorism, and that those few incidents of Islamic motivated terrorist violence has come from people born here, or from immigrants who were from countries not on the travel ban list.  Further with the exception of 9/11 all terrorist in the past 20 years were radicalized AFTER being in the United States for an extended period of time, not before they passed the screening test to enter the United States.

Unless Trump and his fellow bigots and swamp rats running this administration can present a cogent and credible argument that they will devise a screening test under the false label of extreme vetting that will predict future behavior that arises from unpredictable future influences, no travel ban or change in procedures they propose is going to make anyone safer from terroristic violence.
The Obama administration identified these six countries as needing further screening, which the Obama administration then put in place successfully.

The Trump administration has failed to improve on those changes in any way.

The Trump Swamp, appealing to bigot voters and the know-nothing's, deserve to lose round 2 in court.

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