Saturday, December 19, 2009


The winner of the 2009 Lie of the Year contest by, by popular vote, is.......SARAH PALIN for her Death Panel comments!!!!!

I would offer my congratulations, but I'm not sure that congratulations are quite what one should properly offer for a "win" of this kind. Of the nearly 5,000 votes in the contest, Palin won with a "resounding a 61%" of the vote.

Runners up, in order were:

Glenn Beck for his comments about John Holdren, forcing abortion and sterilants in the water, with 12.3% of the vote;

Orly Taitz with 8.7% of the vote, for claiming Obama's Kenya birth certificate;

President Obama, with 7.1% of the vote, for "preventive care" saves money;

Joe Wilson, with 5.8% of the vote, for "you lie" re insuring illegal immigrants;

Michele Bachmann, with 3.1% of the vote, for her quote about page 92 of the Health Care bill;

Joe Biden, with 1.7% of the vote, for his statement about sneezing in an airplane;

Nita Lowey, with 0.5% of the vote, for her statement about the Stupak amendment

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  1. A lot of really great lies, from both sides of the political isle, but I cannot deny the will of the voters, the worst lie we've heard this year comes from ole' Quit Master herself, ex-gov, ex-veep candidate, and ex-political possibility, Sarah Palin.

    The women is a clever little schemer - she steps in her own mess a lot because she doesn't have the kind of handlers George Bush did, but make no mistake, like Bush, she's smart, but horribly, HORRIBLY ill-informed and incurious combined with a massive ego and even larger ambitions. As Bush proved beyone all doubt, those are a terrible combination. As Ms. Palin proves here, and has proven time and again, we cannot trust her to do what is right, but only what is easy, lurid, and cheap.