Monday, September 27, 2010

Today I Am Sad

My wife left for three days, and I'm sad enough for that, but I just learned that one of my boy-hood heroes has died.

George Blanda was the NFL's all-time leading scorer when he retired, which isn't too surprising for a kicker who played 26 years (until he was 49 years old!) - but what most folks don't know or remember, was the season which made me a Raider's fan. In 1970, as a 43 year-old, with a body beaten up by 21 prior seasons playing quarterback, Blanda brought the Raiders back from defeat 5 times late in the season, coming in as a replacement and rallying the team each time - they went 4-0-1 during those final games.

He was a warrior, persevering, affable, amiable and humble, and while it isn't something which most people will remark upon, I will. I truly admired his will and grit. Rest In Peace, George.


  1. My condolences to his family and friends, and to you and his other fans and admirers, Pen.

  2. My brother was born in Oakland and I was born in San Francisco. We used to watch the Niners and the Raiders all the time and those games were some of the best. Blanda was one of the last of the old time players that played more than one position and was good at both. He won them a lot of games as a kicker also.