Friday, September 16, 2011

Update on the Republican Contrived Post Office Crisis

I hope those who read my previous post on the contrived Post Office Crisis, and that readers will support opposing this effort at privatization. This effort would make the United States the ONLY country in the world NOT to have a Post Office. If it were not for the hinky book keeping requirements foisted on the Post Office by the Republicans back under the Bush era Congressional action, there would BE NO CRISIS. From Comedy :
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  1. Have you asked your Member of Congress what they plan to do about this ?

    They could do nothing ... let it default at the end of the month and put it into receivership.

    They could pass HR 2309 - The Issa-Ross Postal Reform Act which will authorize changes in rates, types of mail options, delivery dates, special rates for political parties, and increase the postage rates for non-profit organizations ... and it will increase the power of the Postmaster General (a non-elected bureaucrat {essentially giving the position Czar status} to override the Board of Governors in the decision-making process.) The result would most likely result in over 100,000 jobs being eliminated. One of the advantages promoted by Chairman Issa is that the postal service could set-up its own healthcare system resulting in a savings of 10% .... (but that has been questioned by the Office of Personnel Management as the post office personnel is generally older than the average federal worker.) The Issa-Ross legislation has two co-sponsors ... the Committee Chairman and another member of the committee.

    OR, they could pass HR 1351 United States Postal Service Pension Obligation Recalculation and Restoration Act of 2011 which has 206 co-sponsors and would resolve the self-created crisis by changing the overpayment of healthcare reserves. That bill is not sponsored by Committee Chairman Issa.

    TELL YOUR CONGRESSMAN what you want them to do ... the Day of Reckoning is October 1st ... a Saturday ... a day that is being considered for elimination of home mail delivery.

    BTW : there is a House resolution ( # 137) that the USPS "should take all appropriate measures to ensure the continuation of its 6-day mail delivery service. The resolution has the support of 194 Representatives including Minnesotans Ellison, McCollum, Peterson and Walz .... although there are many Republicans listed as sponsors, none are from Minnesota.

    Regardless of what decision is made, the Post Office announced in August a plan to close 313 mail processing plants by the end of 2012, saving up to $3 billion annually and eliminating roughly 35,000 jobs.