Monday, March 12, 2012

Big Oil Is Extracting Money from Our Pockets

We have huge wealth inequality in this country.

We have huge wealth inequality in this country because we do not have a level playing field; the 'playing field' is tilted in favour of special interests and big money, both individual and corporate.

We have huge wealth inequality because we do not have effective regulation; most regulation that would make our playing fields of economic competition fair, honest, and equal instead of unequal are opposed by conservatives, by Republicans, who benefit from the largesse of the rich individuals, the corporations, when they sell us out, we the ordinary people. We, who are real living breathing people, not legal fiction, we who are the 99%.

Here is one instance of how that opposition, that obstruction of legislation that would make the playing field more even, more equal, occurs.

and here; the appropriate segment is 2 minutes in:

Just for the record, contrary to the statements made by Presidential Candidates like the Nut Gingrich, petroleum IS largely composed of ancient algae that has decomposed over time into our modern 'black gold'. And it is modern algae, which DOES show a tremendous potential to be the new green gold. Algae old or new IS what our energy use is largely founded upon; the Nut Gingrich and his right wing buddies are factually inaccurate. Not surprising; most of them are fact aversive and anti-science, preferring to believe Jesus rode on dinosaurs as the world was created in six days, and is a few thousand years old, and other nonsense.

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  1. FYI : Check out this chart of the world's gas prices.
    First, let's acknowledge that America imports a lot of crude from Canada, first, then a number of other countries like Russia (which last time I checked John Kline (R-MN-02) has an investment in) as well as Brazil.
    .76 cents per liter - America
    .84 cents per liter - Russia
    $1.21 per liter - Canada
    $1.58 per liter - Brazil

    Republican politicians are pushing this as a campaign issue, yet Americans are still getting a good deal ... for a product that is priced on the world's market.