Thursday, March 1, 2012

Limbaugh has departed the world of the rational

Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh said that a woman who went to DC to testify about contraception was a prostitute because she wanted health care plans to pay for contraception.

She wanted to testify that a friend of hers needed contraceptive medicines not strictly for preventing pregnancy, but instead to treat a medical condition (i.e. endometrial disease, hyperplasia, etc..).

Limbaugh was trying to say that this woman, a women denied the chance to testify, wanted to be "paid" to have sex because she wanted her employer to pay for contraceptive pills. But, what Mr. Limbaugh apparently didn't understand, and certainly he expects his listeners wouldn't understand, is that of course she wasn't asking anyone to pay her FOR sex, that's just a Limbaugh sized pile of crapola. She, even if she was wanting contraception herself, for the prevention of pregnancy, was wanting her employer to pay for CONTRACEPTION, she didn't want to be pregnant. She wasn't wanting money for sex. That's simply a disgusting, vulgar, base, immoral, and in this case, untrue slur from an ugly, vulgar voice.

This simple reality, I suspect Mr. Limbaugh knows. Yet still he said it.

By contrast, someone went to Jamaica, with illicit drugs which weren't HIS prescription. He shopped for prescriptions allegedly. So, following his logic, Mr. Limbaugh is a prostitute, because in fact he asked his employer to pay him, and to provide him with medical coverage, coverage which included paying for Viagra for himself. HE, the enormous hypocrite he is, expected his employer to pay for him to be able to have more sex. Yet he has the indecency to call someone else a prostitute.

Apparently expecting your listeners to pay for your Viagra, because it is those listeners who fund indirectly the radio stations on which Mr. Limbaugh is carried (paid for by advertisers who those listeners frequent) is "A OK", and males having sex in a another country with prostitutes IS ok, and using the pay of from your listeners FOR prositutes is OK, but asking your employer to help to pay for your medical plan, and part of that to help prevent pregnancy, THAT's not ok. Next time he complains about someone being a prostitute, Mr. Limbaugh, the world's biggest shill for big business, needs to consider whether he knows the word, and maybe even defines the word. He then needs to let his help/aides/someone do the rational thinking, because any man complaining about "prostitutes" when allegedly he wants to be "paid" (by his logic) to get an erection to allegedly screw ACTUAL prostitutes, well, that man has departed controlled thought.

Those of you who consider this man a "prophet" or "wise" in any realm, on any subject, need to seriously re-evaluate whether a man who so seriously and frequently uses such disgusting allegory, who so resolutely ignores basic logic and reason, is capable of actually offering you anything close to wisdom.


  1. Lets not forget that the part of the Carribean to which Mr. Limbaugh went is tragically mired in poverty, a country which is notorious for CHILD prostitutes.

    It is reprehensible that no one condemns Limbaugh on the right, but they joint the right in waging war on women.

    It is indicatie of the morality of the right, of Limbaugh and those who follow him, listen to him, believe in him, and help him be an overpaid ass braying his venom of hatred have to wage that war on women with lies. Liars are losers, when your hero is a chronic and habitual liar, there is something inherently wrong with your beliefs. There is something inherently wrong, fundamentally flawed in your ideology.

    You who are ditto heads SHOULD be condemning someone. Go look in the mirror for who that person receiving the condemnation should be.

    Of course, with the death of Andrew Breitbart, you have one less offensive, hateful liar and hypocrite preaching a dishonest ideology to follow.

  2. Rush Limbaugh has been married four times and has no children, but he thinks it's okay to let everyone know what they should think about contraception coverage. Like a lot of people on the far right, this guy has no emotional intelligence, and as such has very little public policy perspective, as well. Oh, he can quote portions of speeches and rattle off highly selective numbers quite well, but how rational is someone who calls a young woman a "slut" for having the courage to testify before congress regarding various (and correct) reasons why contraception coverage should be covered in health care plans? (I continue to think that statements like Mr. Limbaugh's spring from a psychologically insecure, provincial, perpetually adolescent mindset that an alarming number of people display.) This sort of thing is clearly one of the reasons why Olympia Snowe is throwing in the towel--and did we notice that she voted against the Blunt amendment this week? Could you imagine how much fire she would have come under by the far right if she had voted against the amendment and run for re-election again? I'm in the odd position of hoping that the Republicans continue blustering like this until November's elections, which can only hurt them. However, they should abandon "slut" comments and the like. I know, I know--fat chance.

  3. I've got a suggestion regarding Rush Limbaugh's outrageous comments about Sandra Fluke. In order to keep his job, I think Rush Limbaugh should be forced to undergo a transvaginal ultrasound. I'm serious. I mean, if the state of Virginia wants to force this sort of thing on women, it surely is okay for Rush's advertisers to force it on him in order to continue to fund his radio program, right? That should make him think twice about calling young women who testify in front of congress "sluts." But, please, don't put it on YouTube!

    1. I'm not sure that any medical or scientific staff would know where to put it on Rush; he's an ass from either end.

      I'd watch that if they put it on youtube; I'm dying to see his brain show up on a rectal scan. His head's been up his bum so often, and given the shit he says, that has to be where he keeps it....

      I'll try to find the petitions to his advertisers, and post them here. I understand there are at least three, and that one of them had 10,000 signatures in a very short period of time.

      But the dittoheads love him no matter what he says. No doubt he's wallowing in what a victim he is, and that, after all, is why he says these things. For the attention, and so he can pretend to be the aggreieved party.

      The man is scum.