Saturday, March 30, 2013

The 'Biblical' definition(s) of Marriage we keep hearing about...

About that damned puritanical, uptight, sanctimonious holier-than-thou conservative insistence on the religious / 'Christian'/ Biblical definition of marriage............I keep wondering how many of these idiots have actually read the Bible and familiarized themselves with it, because of how factually wrong they are, consistently, in their claims.

What those who want to prohibit marriage equality are trying to do is to legally exclude anyone who doesn't practice their version of monogamy, which has NOTHING whatsoever to do with Biblical definitions of marriage, but with our supposed European cultural traditions -- and even then, their beliefs and traditions do really reflect the actual practices of historic Europe, which included child marriage.

The one thing we are not going to return to is an unequal heterosexual definition of marriage where women have no rights to say no, which IS the Biblical traditional marriage. I can only imagine the shock and horror of the religious right at the idea of adding concubines to their uptight little traditional heterosexual families.

This should go a long way to educate the right wing ignorant:

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