Monday, April 8, 2013

RIP, a couple of very successful women from the last century

Two very different women:
Annette Funicello, left, of Disney and beach blanket movies, died today 4/8/'13

; Maggie Thatcher, right, first and so far only female prime minister of the UK, died yesterday 4/7/'13


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  1. Hello Dog Gone,
    As the “Iron Lady” I had respect for Maggie Thatcher and one I could have my own daughters emulate, but she was also responsible for destroying the “Working Middle Class” Labor Unions in Britain.

    Now for Annette, as a young lad in the late 50’s she filled out her Mouseketeer’s shirt that moved the heterosexual burgeoning aspects within me. All I can say there was something that moved me with her. I just watched a couple of the Frankie Avalon and Annette movies a couple of weekends ago. Brought back teenage memories.

    When she was starting to make those movies, Walt Disney gave her the advice of, when all of the other girls were wearing bikini swim suits; she should wear a one piece or a two piece so long as it did not show her belly button. That way Annette would keep her wholesome image.

    I'm sadden by the news.