Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Gun Control works
Our legislators however do not work for US - that has to change

Thw two Boston bomber brothers had one hand gun between them, an illegal handgun that was most likely purchased in a neighboring state with lax gun control, or over the internet without any background check. Massachusetts has a ban on assault style weapons like the AR15, and a ban on large capacity magazines signed by none other than Mitt Romney.   Massachusetts also requires a person pass a background check to be able to buy firearms, to own or possess them.

It worked - they couldn't get a dangerous weapon to add to their list of victims, the way that Adam Lanza or James Holmes, or Jared Loughner did.

 By refusing to put in place such reasonable restrictions, including making it easy for former felons, people found to be dangerously mentally ill, drug users, and terrorists to acquire firearms, we are ALL put at greater risk by the gun nuts.  If we don't let suspected terrorists fly, why do we let them have guns?

Which is MORE likely to result in injury???????

It is time for our legislators to serve us, not the special interest groups who pay them off to act AGAINST our interests.

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