Friday, April 11, 2014

GOP = Misogyny


Charles Murray is one of the sources for justification of the failure known as the Paul Ryan budget.  He is both a misogynist and a white supremacist, debunked as a credible authority, but still widely embraced by conservatives.

h/t to my friend Rene:
  • Hypathia of Alexandria, one of the great thinkers and scientists, and philosophers in human history, mother of mathematics
  • Asclepigenia, key figure in Platonism,
  • Sosipatra, a key thinker in NeoPlatonism,
  • Aspasia was mentioned in the works of Plato and influenced Socrates,
  • Hipparchia of Maroneia, the Cynic philosopher,
  • Themistoclea, teacher of Pythagorus.

That covers ancient history; there have been women who excelled and advanced our knowledge and capacity for thinking in every area of intellectual effort.

That men tend not to give them credit or attention does not diminish their contribution.

It DOES however tend to explain and identify that women have a long history of not receiving their due, including in their compensation.

We are tired of that, and we are demanding that change, or that men abdicate any authority they may have achieved in favor of men and women who will acknowledge and reward those contributions, not only at the highest levels, but at all levels and areas of effort.

We deserve and demand full equality, and we insist on it NOW. Give it to us, or GO.

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