Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tea and Toast for Eric Cantor - he loses his primary in VA, no more House Majority Leader for him

Eric Cantor has lost the Virginia Republican congressional primary.

He is currently on television making his thanks and giving his concession remarks.

Speculating on what this means for the general election, with Cantor apparently OUT - so far no mention of him running as a write-in, he sounds from the comments like he is retiring - at least for this election cycle. He is talking about his term as majority leader in the past tense.

I despise the Tea Partiers, but the right wing has been the great user of wedge issues. It backfired here in Minnesota in 2012, with the demise of the attempt to amend our state constitution. There is a delicious irony in it that now the right wingers are now fracturing their own party with these same wedge factions like the Tea Party.

Virginia apparently has a 'sore loser' law (as I understand it), so once you lose the primary, no write-in vote, no other way of appearing on the ballot. You lose...........you lose for the whole election cycle.

Cantor is still talking up his corrupt corporate owners, feigning concern for the vulnerable as he pushes to privatize more education with failed charter schools.

Bye bye to the slimy man who pretends to show concern for things like bringing down health care costs, and who has done so much to keep those costs high and to obstructing any real progress.

Buh-bye Eric Cantor. Don't let the screen door hit you on the rear end on your way out of the next political cycle. David Bratt, the winner -- don't get too comfortable; odds are, given the 2012 election cycle wins for Dems, you too, Bratty, won't be around for long - although Virginia CD7 has been somewhat Republican.

An interesting bit of trivia - Dave Bratt is a professor at Randolph-Macon College; his Democratic opponent, Jack Trammell, is a professor at the same college. It should be interesting to see how many of the students at that college turn out this November - and for whom.

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