Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Republican Failures in Rural Communities and the South

If local control of cities by Democrats which have suffered due to the destruction of manufacturing jobs represents solely a failure by Democrats and means that Democrats are “bigots and simply see minorities as votes”, what does that make Republican control of Mississippi, West Virginia, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Kentucky which have suffered at least as much as rust belt cities? Does that mean Republicans are bigots?

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  1. You can't fairly call Democrats bigots, or make the claims the right is making about them, when it has consistently been the Dems who pushed voter rights, while the right pushes voter suppression. You can't fairly call the Dems bigots, when THEY are the ones who genuinely and consistently write and support legislation to help those in poverty, those who are disadvantaged, while the right votes to hurt them.
    You can't call Dems bigots, when it is the right that votes to make it easier and without penalty or consequence for companies to off-shore jobs, while Dems try to hold them accountable.
    You can't call Dems bigots, when it is candidates like Mitt Romney and his company Bain who move in, buy companies, and then destroy them with leveraged debt and sell off the assets, leaving behind bankruptcy.