Tuesday, February 14, 2017

History Repeating: How treason President Nixon has a parrallel with Rump

When running against LBJ, tricky Dicky, the man who was clearly very much a crook despite his protestations, negotiated with OUR ENEMIES to prolong the Viet Nam War as a means of winning election.  LBJ could not reveal at the time that the US intel knew this from phone bugging without damaging further essential intel gathering.
So LBJ, who had been lol looking at a landslide election - a real landslide, not a fake 'YUGE' win like the one claimed by Rump or Dubya before him, just walked away.  Robert Kennedy could have easily defeated tricky Dicky but that option ended with his assassination. HHHumphrey, LBJ's Vice Prez, could not overcome crooked Nixon who later became infamous for his illegal dirty tricks, having to resign after Watergate.

Now we have Rump engaging in cheating and cyberwar to steal an election, this time with our enemy Russia, in multiple proxy wars like Crimea and Syria.

You have to be willfully ignorant to believe General Flynn would be gone were it not for a strategic patriotic leak revealing the treasonous conduct of Rump and Flynn attempting to undermine the policy and actions of the legitimate sitting president.

Rump and his cabal would have you believe this was not illegal.  He is wrong.  Rump would have you believe this was normal interaction; five calls and texts to the Russian ambassador is not normal, nor is the promise to undo sanctions for interfering in our elections.  Our intelligence agencies are clear that this was action to help Rump win, and it was clearly effective.

I would argue Rump like Nixon is both illegitimate because of how he came to power, and that Rump like Nixon is selling out the United States for personal power grabbing and financial gain.

THAT is both UN-American and Anti-American.

But at least it appears the Rump secrets will see the light of day sooner than was the case with disgraced tricky Dicky.

Let us hope that unlike the thousands of American deaths that resulted from Nicon's actions does not repeat with American deaths laid at Rump's door.

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