Sunday, February 19, 2017

More significant fact, he not only did far worse, including worse than George H. W. Bush, Rump LIED about it after claiming the press was fake news

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  1. He said, when pressed, that he meant since Reagan and as a Republican, which would have been 3 other results. George HW Bush got 426 electoral votes. So, what Trump apparently means is, he got more electoral votes than George W Bush, and only George W Bush. He finished behind Reagan (each time), Clinton (each time), Obama (each time), and Carter. He didn't have anything like an historic win, in fact, he had a very close win, aided by the incessant character assassination waged on his opponent by the GOP for 25 years - aided by the FBI's reckless discussion of the private server of Ms. Clinton, aided in fact by the extreme arrogance of the Democratic party during the campaign. With all that going FOR Trump, he squeaked out a victory against a charisma-less person. He is deeply unpopular but NONE of that matters because the Republicans have taken over. They are in control and should be held accountable for it, Trump will not take accountability but we must then be his barometer, he clearly can't count.