Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Russian Bots at Work?

Я не умер, трахая лошадь. И я определенно не трахал твоего осла после моей смерти. Вы думаете, я сделаю предложение о шоу ослов, если отцы-основатели добавят коллегию выборщиков в вашу конституцию?

No, Empress Katherine the Great didn't die fucking a horse. And she couldn't fuck the Democratic Donkey after she died either.

You think she offered to give the founding fathers a donkey show if they added the electoral college to the Constitution?

Anyway, Putin wasn't alive when the Constitution was drafted, but Katherine the Great was Empress of Russia!

Now, drop the partisan bullshit and start working on some serious issues such as climate change.

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