Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Unsurprising Injustices

If you were wondering why it actually matters who leads the country, and why, at least this time, it matters whom you vote for, let me suggest the following link:


The Department of Justice practiced discrimination, in open violation of governmental policy, and frankly the best interests of justice and the country. Less qaulified Republican applicants were given preferential treatment over highly-qualified applicants who even 'appeared' to show any liberal ties. Two high-ranking Republican appointees went on virtual witch-hunts to ferret out any 'leftist' tendencies.

It's bad enough that it happened, but in the one department dedicated to upholding the law, it's both alarming, and the height of conceit and irony.

While I don't expect McCain would ever allow such conduct, pretty clearly, he won't investigate what has gone on, either. The only way to prevent this type of craven abuse of government, is to put those responsible for these kinds of activities in the public eye, to expose their fraudulent conduct, and where possible, to put them in prison. If we don't, it will simply be repeated, by Democrat and Republican, alike.

Those Republicans out there who want to try to claim the moral high-ground, please try to defend this administration somehow, after this and so many other examples of fraud, deceit, and misconduct. When you do, understand that the world is watching, and laughing at the twists you'll undergo to justify the unjust.


  1. Hey Peev,

    Pretty simple - most of these appointments have been political in nature; Democrats appoint Democrats, Republicans appoint Republicans. If you want to argue that some Democrats might be more qualified than some Republicans, that's fine. But you'll need to be consistent then. I fully expect you to be in full-throated cry about the injustice of qualified Republicans losing their positions because Obama wants his own people in similar positions should that come to pass.

  2. Mark,

    We're not talking about appointments here. We're talking about hiring every day, functional positions.

    This practice was in violation of DOJ and governmental policy, and had Monica Goodling not been granted immunity, for example, she would have been guilty of a crime, a point she admitted to when it was pointed out to her.

    This is in NO way about political appointments, you may want to read up a bit more on the nature of the situation.

    However, should Obama win, and he or his staff engage in such unethical and frankly harmful practices (harmful to the cause of justice let alone reputaion) - I don't know about full-throated cry, writing a blog is hardly 'full-throated', but I'll sure as hell complain.

    That said, I doubt very much it will re-occur, Reagan didn't, Bush Sr. didn't, and Clinton didn't do this sort of thing. Only GWB.

  3. Hey Mark, one other comment.

    Peev was a name taken to point out to someone their duplicity - you probably know who. In short, reusing implies understanding all the facts, which I'm guessing, are not at your disposal. While I don't mind, use whatever name you like for me, I hope you can understand and appreciate the difference between the treatment offered on places like Shot in the Dark - and places where actual civil discussion goes on - of which I hope to be running one.

    I didn't attack you personally - and wouldn't do so, I addressed your comments - and pointed out that I, as opposed to people like Foot, Berg, Swift, Bordkorb, etc.. agreed that duplicity both exists on both sides, and both sides should be held accountable if and when it happens.

    I visited your blog - I hope you will accept I have every interest in civil discourse, and will and do treat everyone at least as respectfully as they treat me(others).


  4. Fair enough. This is your blog and I'll respect your space and what you post here. That's only fair. And since I'm talking baseball at my place right now, I'm glad that you've been participating in that. You clearly have an interest in that subject and good thoughts to share, too.