Monday, December 6, 2010

Minnesota Governor's Race Recount - Update 1

UPDATE 11/31: the Republicans have tried to make an issue of reconciliation - the challenge that they believe the number of voters and votes do not match up. This appears to be explained, here.

Last week’s kerfuffle de jour was “reconciliation,” that is, whether there were more votes than voters in certain precincts. Amid that issue was whether election officials in many counties were counting the number of voters correctly; did they count signatures on voter rolls or did they count the voter receipts obtained when ballots were handed out at polling places? The latter, said many election experts, is more accurate.

[Joe]Mansky said today that of the more 192,000 votes in his county, there remains one — count ‘em one — vote more than there were voters. All other votes have matched up.
So, in the state’s second busiest voting county [Ramsey], a single vote is in some doubt out of 192,000 with Emmer’s deficit growing each day. In many other counties, there have been no reconciliation disparities."

As of 1:30 Tuesday afternoon, 11/30/10, there were 55 valid ballot challenges in Ramsey county, and Tom Emmer had fallen behind as Mark Dayton is up some 255 ballots over the original numbers. Tom Emmer is falling, to borrow a phrase from the linked article "behinder'.

And every measure, every check, every challenge proves that we do NOT suffer from rampant voter fraud in Minnesota, and that our elections are not stolen by our political parties.

No matter how often the Republicans tell that lie, it doesn't become the truth.  But that is the tactic of the 'Big Lie', to say it often enough that people begin to believe it, in spite of it being a lie.  Not all conservatives condone this kind of tactic; far from it. But those who don't are less vocal, and sadly appear to be a minority.

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