Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bush and Cheney LIED, a lot of people died -- and we're all paying for their lies, and will be for decades

The neo-con right is trying to claim we invaded Iraq to liberate them. That is just a new lie piled on top of the old lies. We invaded Iraq because then President Bush and his administration LIED about what they knew, and had been planning to invade Iraq all along. There were NEVER any weapons of mass destruction, and they were so advised. They did not care. We did a very bad thing by invading Iraq, and the majority of Americans agree. I vividly remember discussing the decision at the time, and asserting that if Bush was lying, neither history or the American people would forgive him for it.

That is only part of the "Bush baggage" that guarantees there will not be another Bush in the White House, not Jeb, not his son, not a generation after. This is going to be the shame, the legacy, that will follow this family for a long, long, long time to come --- and will drag down the GOP with it until they stand up, admit they were wrong, abandon what they call their core principles that are such an epic failure, and instead come up with new ideas, and valid values instead of their warped and corrupt priorities and failed policies.

The new catchphrase is male, pale and stale -- it should include 'failed', as in EPIC fail. They lie - and other people die, other people suffer, other people pay. Time to make THEM carry that burden, not the rest of us.

And that wasn't the ONLY lie that is stuck to the Bush legacy like a big ugly tumor - a self-inflicted tumor:

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