Thursday, March 7, 2013

Factually inaccurate, innately threatening; this statement should invalidate any right to a firearm.

Not surprising, this man's adult son is just finishing up a ten year sentence behind bars for attempting to kill someone with a gun during a road rage incident. An NRA representative for New York has lost his guns because of a long history of domestic violence. There is something inherently wrong, inherently BAD about the attitudes with guns of the leadership of the NRA and those who think like them.

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  1. Mr Keene is wrong a three scores..

    First, I own a gun.

    Second, I'm more than capable of using one (qualified expert on all those I routinely used or own, member of competitive shooting team).

    and third, I, unlike he, do not see him as my "enemy", nor do I see a need to use guns on people with whom I disagree.

    What a dangerous, unbalanced monster.

    Seriously, he's going to use guns on his "enemies," because that's what the reversal of his logic means, the HAVE guns and KNOW how to use them on their "enemies."