Thursday, July 11, 2013

North Carolina, Vrrroooom vrooom, CRASH

North Carolina has been hijacked by the extreme right wing, including anti-abortion fanatics, who are bent on taking away our Constitutionally guaranteed liberty.

Earlier this year, North Carolina right wing nuts tried to pass an unconstitutional law targeting Muslims.  It is unconstitutional, a violation of religious freedom, to single out any specific religion for legislation.  Adding to the injury to our liberty, to our religious freedom in this country, they also tried to sneak in anti-abortion legislation, without allowing due process in public hearings and proper notification. Apparently their hope was that the issue of Sharia law would OBSCURE any attention to the abortion content.

Clearly there was no common subject matter involved with sharia law and abortion; sharia law was the distraction, the cover to their dirty deeds done in the dark.

The party that gives a lot of lip service to supporting freedom; what that is, every time, is bullshit designed to cover up that the intent of the right is the OPPOSITE of liberty and freedom.

This was the opposite of transparency, the opposite of public business being conducted in public, by publicly elected representatives, FOR the public good.  It was instead the worst kind of hiding in the shadows because it cannot withstand public scrutiny politics by North Carolina Republicans.  The clear intent was to exclude any dissent, even if it also meant excluding any constructive criticism.

When that failed, the North Carolina Republicans tried to do the same thing again, this time, at the last minute, without proper notice, without even appropriate notice to those on the committee through which the legislation was to proceed. North Carolina Republicans put on their tin foil crazy hats, and tried instead to sneak through an anti-abortion amendment to legislation intended to regulate problems with motorcycle safety.

Because..........riding a motorcycle is like getting an abortion? NO.  Because the North Carolina Republicans were trying, again, to operate in the shadows to avoid dissent and actual public participation. They don't trust the public, they don't trust people to vote, they just want to make a cheap, shady, dishonest power grab to attack freedom.

We have a Constitutional right to safe, legal abortion; we have a Constitutional right to freedom of religion; and we have a Constitutional right to transparent, open, public government that is accountable to ALL citizens, not just one political party.

The GOP, in North Carolina and in other states FEARS the kind of outcry that attacks on our rights have generated.  So they HIDE, like cowards, in the dark.

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