Saturday, October 8, 2016

A Trump Most Foul

We have all said things, privately, which were crude.  We've probably all boasted a little, in ways which were exaggerations, maybe even false but..

There are no amount of words which can explain away or excuse the kind of conduct which Trump admits to in the recently released tape of him prepping for his appearance on "Days of Our Lives" in 2005.

He can say, "That was long ago.", but it was more recent than Bill Clinton's affairs about which he wants to focus.

He can say, "It was just locker room banter," but in the tape he brags about being able to casually grope women (Did they all ask for or even WANT those advances??  Perhaps Trump should clarify?), that's not just talk, it's not something I'd do or anyone I know would do just because we could "get away with it."  It speaks to the power-mad mind of this man, this cretin, Trump.  Trump's voice on the tape appears to say he can grab women in a way that some might describe as sexual assault simply because of his celebrity and "get away with it."   That's not banter, it's recounting your own conduct and bragging about how you can behave in ways which were potentially illegal but most certainly are disgusting, immoral, and define someone as an out-of-control, crude, sexist, pig.

He can (and did) say, "I'm sorry, it's not who I am."  But it so clearly is who this man, this foul acting man is.

He can say the words don't reflect him, but the words describe actions which so very clearly do reflect him.  They describe a man who has little regard for women outside of how he can "F" them, he has little regard for anyone to whom he isn't attracted and for anyone to whom he is, whether or not the attraction is mutual, he cares not at all.  He'll grab them and grope them just because he wants to.  He's not just a bully toward men (and women) he's a sexual bully, a vile man lurking around, testing the waters just to see what he can get away with.

You can say all those things, and he did, and yet none of them excuse the conduct, not his words, his conduct.

If I found out this man had groped my daughter when she didn't want or ask for hit, I'd likely want to "pound his face in" (rhetorically speaking of course).  What would you do?  Would you be upset? 

In this case, ask yourself, would you vote for him?   Really?  And if you did, what would you tell your daughter?  If some women come forward and prove he did what he said he can get away with in the tapes, won't that make him the predator?  What then do you say?

I say this man is foul.  He reflects all that is wrong with excess and celebrity.  He reflects all that is wrong with those who use money and power to bully people and most of all, he reflects a brand of misogyny which we have rightly condemned as putrid, archaic and immoral.  It's not just time for us not to vote for Trump, it's time for us to throw him into the dustbin of history.

(One note, I over qualified much of the above because Trump, this "man of strength", this insecure, narcissistic bully, loves to sue anyone who speaks the truth about him - but that's a post for another time - this is the time to call a spade a spade).

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