Monday, October 17, 2016

About those 3 right wing domestic terrorists arrested in St. Louis, one of whom is a Trump supporter...

Over the weekend, in addition to the arrests of these 3 Christian radical extremists who chose to become domestic terrorists, there was a fire bombing of a Trump political office in North Carolina. That office was also tagged with graffiti telling Republican Nazis to get out.

We need to keep an open mind to all of the possibilities. It is worth noting that at the same time, the DEMOCRATIC political campaign office was ALSO targeted around the same time, possibly by the same people who went after the GOP office.

Let me begin by condemning that event as rigorously as I condemn the 3 domestic terrorists in St. Louis. It was wrong, bad, illegal, and should be punished by a thorough fact finding investigation and what I hope will be a successful prosecution, regardless of the political views of whoever committed that crime. Perpetrators of crimes like this are usually caught.

That said, I will also add that given the prevalence of false flag conspiracy theories of every stripe of insanity on the right, and given the decline in Trump's poll numbers, particularly in a swing state like North Carolina that has a current conservative majority in their state legislature and the executive branch, I am skeptical as to who did this being a liberal extremist, although keeping an open mind.

Looking at who would benefit more from such an act, it strikes me strongly that Trump would. That he needs desperately some way to gain sympathy. Given the sheer volume of acceptance of crazy false flag actions in theory, it would not surprise me at all to see someone on the right actually commit one.

Those are the only people to whom this kind of rubbish thinking makes sense - the extremists, the Trump supporters.  They think this way.

It does NOT make sense to me that an independent candidate supporter or a Hillary supporter would do this when Hillary was winning. It does not make sense to me that someone who was serious about committing an act like this would do so comparatively little damage, except by intent.

Further, the timing of this makes sense as well, given the way Trump has been broadly mocked in the media, and approaching the 3rd debate mid week this week. This event gives Trump a whining point (not a talking point) to which he can speak.

Conservatives LOVE LOVE LOVE to play the victim when they are not. I sincerely hope that the perpetrator of that crime, like the attempted crime in St. Louis have the book thrown at them, regardless of their beliefs or their politics.

But if it turns out to have been a right winger, expect a lot more schadenfreude posts on it from me.

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