Monday, October 17, 2016

Predictions of what is to come

Predictions, most of which aren't happy:

1. Hillary Clinton is going to win on November 8th.  Trump may not have the class to give a concession speech and if he doesn't, Mike Pence will undoubtedly give one (to Pence's credit).

2. Hillary Clinton will almost certainly be a one-term President.  You can win an election by focusing on the misconduct of your opponent but when the country is looking for economic fairness and an end to poor pay for long hours, and you yourself are too much on the side of defending the business status-quo, you won't survive.   Clinton, and the national Democratic Party leadership, is tone-deaf to feedback from their constituents about how they are hurting, how education is too hard to access or afford, how they aren't given a fair shake by employers.  They think this election is about gender-divide.  Had Trump not been, well, Trump, Clinton would have lost this election due to that myopia.

3.  Donald Trump is hardly the worst thing which the far-right can drum up.  He's a personality cult candidate to be sure, but there will be others. I predict Trump isn't going away on 11/9 and worse, someone, perhaps even Trump, will be even more radical, more likely to stoke violence, who will come along in 2020.  Our dance with totalitarian, fact-denying, and violence prone candidates is FAR from over. 

All of which is sad, and more importantly, all of which should make us alarmed.

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