Sunday, December 25, 2016

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  1. Pretty poor choice for a quotation

  2. Not a bad quotation at all. This is absolutely correct as a statement about religion and language.

    I don't think your news item alters that in any way.

    Rather it is instructive in comparative religions and promotes understanding between the three Abrahamic faiths that share a common root and much common theology.
    But then I doubt you are fluent in the languages of the new testaments, either the historic Greek or Aramaic.
    Happy Hollidays Weer'd Beard.

    1. Except why did you post the meme. This isn't a spiritual blog.

      I suspect you posted it because of the negative connotations of people shouting "Allahu Akbar" (which is fairly well known to be "God is Great" in Arabic, and it is equally well known that there are a substantial population of Christians in Arabic-speaking nations)

      But the phrase itself isn't problematic, but that it is shouted by Islamic terrorists engaging in acts of mass murder.

      If that connotation is something you are trying to stymie, then quoting a terrorist sympathizer isn't a wise choice.

    2. Actually we do sometimes post on spiritual subjects. One of my favorites is a post about the Baron Sacks when he was Lord High Rabbi of the UK, called Light of the World. Or read about any of the many posts on issues of comparative religion, such as the controversy over the so-called Egyptian captivity of the Jews being factually false.

      Sadly it is not nearly well enough known that there are indeed a considerable number of Christians in Arabic speaking nations. Just as sadly is how few Christians know about any of their co-religionists, such as Coptic Christians.
      I would further argue that the good bishop is not a terrorist sympathizer at all, but rather supports an oppressed group, Palestinians of all faiths.
      But thank you for your thoughtful comments; well done Weer'd Beard, even if I disagres with you on both points.

    3. Likewise, thanks for the respectful exchange, I honestly didn't expect that when I posted the comment due to some of our past exchanges.

      People don't have to agree to be civil. (I should know, being from Southern Maine, and living in Massachusetts, I'd be a miserable hermit if I treated my political opposites that way)

      we've had our differences in the past, and many a time it wasn't civil.

      I would personally prefer to bury the hatchet, and continue to have our differences, but from mutual respect, if that's all right with you.

    4. Consider the hatchet buried!

      I particularly appreciated the substance above and beyond the civility.

      More substantive comments are always welcome here from whatever direction, in fact the greater the diversity of view points, the better I believe it is for our blog content.

      So again, thank you and welcome.