Saturday, August 6, 2011

Rumsfeld Facing Multiple Suits for Black Site Torture of Americans

Because you can't hide from what you approved, former Secretary Rumsfeld.  I would point out that Mr. Vance, who I believe is a true, genuine patriot and hero, is the THIRD law suit which has received the green light to go forward against Rumsfeld.  Further, if you listen to the entire interview, Mr. Vance points out that from his direct personal experience he has reason to believe that there were other citizens of the United States who were held and tortured, under cover of approval by Rumsfeld.

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  1. Yes, our old pal Rumsfeld! The guy who 'planned' the preemptive invasion of Iraq. Tens of thousands of military men and women dead or maimed because this jackass had no plan, no sense of what to do after Shock 'n Awe.

    Next- Dick 'Dick' Cheney