Monday, February 27, 2012

The Brilliant STrib Cartoonist, Steve Sack hits two more out of the park

This home grown Minnesota cartoonist is the best kind of locally grown genius.

These are two of my favorites of his recent work.

Personally, I'd like to see both parties - BOTH PARTIES - refuse to give a party endorsement to any candidate who does not genuinely live in the district where the candidate is running.  I don't care what state office, what federal office, even what county or local office.

If the conservatives are going to try to penalize and make voting more difficult by forcing voters to prove where they live, and that they are legal to vote there, shouldn't they be just as insistent about where their candidates live and that they represent those voters, including LIVING THERE?  Otherwise, I think it is legitimate to challenge that the candidates genuinely and fully represent those voters.

It is worth noting that the REPUBLICAN Secretary of State of Indiana violated this law in that state, and was subsequently convicted of voter fraud, perjury and theft, despite the state having enacted a very restrictive voter ID law.

If there was ever any proof that voter ID doesn't prevent voter fraud, that is the classic, strongest possible example.

and this one!
 When I volunteered to help candidates in the 2010 election races, going door to door was a big part of that campaigning.  It is equally a big part of people distributing informative material (and sometimes disinformative material), but also where candidates introduce themselves, and one way for polls to be conducted.  Like the Census takers, delivery people, service people from utilities, there are lots of people who may make an unscheduled visit for legitimate reasons to a person's doorstep.

The shoot first law makes it legal for a person to shoot based on their feelings, right or wrong, instead of them being required to do so on the basis of objective fact, objective threat not 'feelings, nothing more than Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeelings'.

Well done Steve!  Well done STrib!

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