Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Shame on the Killers, Shame on the Radical Right

They are killers, even when the people who will die are their own children, or the children of friends and family members.

These people are the epitome of hate, of greed, of lust for power, of inhumanity and lack of compassion and care for others.  They are the exemplars of immorality, unethical behavior, and evil. They have dedicated themselves to a culture of death and inequality, of illness and bad government, of lies for cash and deception of their own followers for profit.

If they do not kill directly, they do directly contribute to many, many deaths and to much suffering.

And when those people die, instead of owning what they did, they will try to shift the blame to others, because these are NOT the people who actually take responsibility or their actions.  They are the people who give lip service to personal accountability, while exercising a double standard in demanding it from others. 

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