Wednesday, March 12, 2014

THIS is what a religious bigot and bully looks like,

This is the harassment from which we need to protect kids.

This is hate under a cracked veneer of religion.

This has nothing to do with God or love or spirituality, or heaven.

These people are the modern Christian equivalent of the evil holier-than-thou Pharisees and Sadducees portrayed as more interested in rigid and puritanical conformity than spirituality and worship of God.

These are the same people who would be screaming victim if someone wore a shirt similarly hostile towards them.  These are culture war waging HYPOCRITES AND BIGOTS.

Tuesday, the lege passed an amended bullying bill that protects children, all children, from people like this.

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  1. Five will get you ten that the big kid in the HOT PINK shirt is either being coerced or will have no time for this shit if he ever gets a taste of the sins of the flesh. The couple with him (the 'rents?) are child molesters for what they've done to him.