Thursday, July 2, 2015

Conservatives Inadvertantly Mock Themselves on Face Book

I laughed out loud this morning when I came across this, because it goes to how horrifically and yet hilariously funny conservative whining is when they don't get their way to be bigots. 

Here is the image that gave me the giggles, because of how glaringly counter the message is to the photo.

And this was the reply to the question posed :
First, before replying, we would have to stop laughing at the premise that anti-racism, especially the racism of southern history / pro-LGBT actor Laurence Fishburne would be the image you would choose to go with this message. You could not have presented a worse case for your faulty argument that the offense is even remotely equal or that your offense is in any way justified.
If you said that, we would point out that 'Old Gory' the stars and bars is a flag of treason, and is the symbol for 20 million black people murdered under slavery and many more lynched, raped, and jailed and otherwise abused under Jim Crow. We would say Old Gory was the flag of anti-miscegenation laws and white supremacy -- all claimed as sincere Biblical beliefs at the time.

And then we would point out that the rainbow flag has always been in contrast a flag about love and inclusion -- and a fuck of a lot better Bible based religious scholarship.

We would say your Old Gory is a flag of hate, violence, and obscenity,and ignorance, and the rainbow flag is a flag of love and inclusion and dignity.

So what offends you does not speak well to your character, while what offends us speaks well to both character and the judgement of history. That is why millions MORE are offended by Old Gory than are offended by the rainbow flag. You are like the dinosaurs so many of you believe Jesus was riding around on -- crazy, foolish, factually in error and too damn bad. You are disappearing every second into the mists of ugly anachronism.

Look at the company you keep -- the fundie Muslims are pretty much the only other people on your side, and a few other retro conservatives scattered across the globe like Putin.

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