Thursday, July 9, 2015

South Carolina -- the symbol of evil is coming down!

The "history and heritage" argument has failed.

Not only will the flag come down, but the NAACP will be ending the boycott of South Carolina.  While some disagree on how successful the sanctions were over time, it is clear that the Governor and many of the establishment conservatives, as distinct from the more rabid and racist teabaggers, were concerned about the kind of corporate consequences that faced Indiana when they passed anti-gay legislation.  It was exclusively conservatives who attempted to block the passage of the flag takedown.

Conservatives are attempting to defend racism and oppression with false equivalencies.  The video below is excellent in making the more accurate distinctions that counter the false equivalents.

Pressure is effective.  Conservatives will not stop, will never stop behaving badly in preserving institutionalized racism like this, unless such pressure is brought to bear on them, especially the pressure of the dollar versus the shrinking bigot bucks, not conservative 'principles'.

From  WISTV:
Even before it began, more than 40 state and national groups canceled meetings and conventions.

Musicians, dancers and athletes refused to perform in South Carolina, families moved reunions out of the state, a Hilton Head hotel lost more than a million dollars in business and an African American religious group took its annual meeting over the state line to Charlotte.

In 2001, the NCAA banned post-season events where locations were "pre-determined."

Three years later, the NCAA added bowl games to the list of prohibited activities.
South Carolina has launched a trend across the south, across the nation.

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