Friday, July 10, 2015

The Rebel flag of treason, on the move a lot

Today 'old Gory', as I refer to the battle flag of the army of northern Virgina, in contrast to Old Glory, the stars and stripes, came down from a prominent flag pole in the capitol of South Carolina, and was sent to a 'relic room'.  Before that, the flag was on the exterior of the capitol dome, and also draped prominently behind the seat of the speaker of the state house. So it has moved from the inside to the outside dome, to the front yard of the capitol.  And now it's gone, to a 'relic room'.

The flag is finally, FOR NOW, no longer painfully confronting those whom it oppressed, and continues to oppress - and to inspire killing them.  Not just the flag, but the rest of the equipment necessary to fly it has been removed.
From wrdw:
2:35 p.m.
The 30-foot tall flagpole where the Confederate flag flew for 15 years on the front lawn of the South Carolina Capitol has been pulled down.

A crane yanked the pole from the ground about 2:20 p.m. Friday, just over four hours after the flag was removed.
The flagpole didn't go easily. The crane operator had to firmly pull several times before the pole finally came out of the ground.
The crowd cheered, but it was small. On Friday morning, an estimated 8,000 to 10,000 people had gathered and chanted as the flag was removed.
Crews also were removing the wrought iron fence around the flagpole and the flood lights that were required by law to illuminate the rebel banner.
The flagpole was set to be loaded on a flatbed truck and hauled away.
The whole damn monument should be removed.

The flag should have been sent to the dust bin of history.

Most of the thousands of observers who watched the flag come down cheered; some cried.

And a few bemoaned the disappearance of racism from their state capitol.  They claimed it was like a kick in the face to see their honored heritage removed. They see themselves as the victims, not those who were genuinely oppressed, brutalized, intimidated and even killed by what it represented.

Those Old Gory lovers are NOT victims.  They are whiny, indulgent, self-centered and selfish bigots who do not give a damn for anyone but themselves.

In the face of the grace, compassion and forgiveness of the families who lost a loved one to the white supremacy represented by the confederate flag, in the face of the testimony of their fellow citizens describing how much pain THEY suffered at that flag flying at the capitol, and how much it excluded them, the selfishness and insensitivity of them is epic.

It demonstrates everything that is wrong with the conservative South.

In the face of the efforts by Republicans in Congress in Washington D.C., it demonstrates everything that is wrong with the conservatives across the nation.

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