Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Fun Day

The perfect Latino response, humor,  to Donald Trump and right wing anti-Latino bigotry, the Trump pinata.  Pinatas are typically filled with candy; it would be more fitting if this kind of pinata was filled with nuts.  The likenesses are amazing, and apparently these are extremely popular.  Las Angeles and other locations with large Latino populations have been producing these pinatas in quantity.

Bloom County creator Berke Breathed is back after 25 years, with his own crack at the living cartoon that is Trump, both in the cartoon strip, and below.  Karma for the unfounded harassment of President Obama by birther Trump.

From If you Only News:
OPEN LETTER TO FUTURE PRESIDENT TRUMP: We and America call upon you to produce lab evidence proving NO shared DNA between your head fur and your family Lhasa Apso, Goldy Tinkles. If such documentation is thus provided, the Really Loaded Friends of Bloom County will deliver a check for $2 million dollars to your known favorite charity. We wouldn’t joke about this.

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