Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Gun Huggers must be SO proud... NOT

Is allegedly abusive to women, repeatedly;
how big a stretch is it that he attempted to bully Trayvon Martin?

George Zimmerman is in the news again, with another arrest, and another of his apparent anger issues with guns problems.

This one does not appear to involve his wife, where he was accused of threatening his wife and her father with a gun, and accused of damaging her property.  Now we have at least partial insight into why the wife filed for divorce in September, since the girlfriend is indicating their relationship dates back to August.

Apparently George Zimmerman has some boundary problems with respecting other people's residences - first the wife's and now the girlfriend's home.

The incident with the wife was his third run in with law enforcement in a few months, so this makes at least 4 since he got off from killing Trayvon Martin.  This time the girlfriend also is a gun hugger, another Meleanie Hain event waiting to happen.  It's just a matter of when Georgie Zimmerman will be involved in another shooting, possibly another killing, unless someone takes away his guns once and for all (and even then he might find some other means of violence, but in all probability a less successful one).

In an apparent attempt to boost his image, George Zimmerman and his attorneys and spokespeople tried to manufacture that GZ was some kind of hero, when he was not.  The incident of a sympathetic gun nut rolling his car was misrepresented to the public as if he was a hero who pulled people to safety from a burning wreck.

The reality is that the driver carelessly tipped his SUV over at a low speed, something which happens quite often, and for which the SUV in question has the worst safety records among SUVs.  Then Zimmerman stood around with a fire extinguisher, even though there was no fire.

A week later, someone apparently connected with Zimmerman made numerous calls to the media on his behalf, and the media then contacted the sheriff's office regarding the incident - and initially misreported it as a heroic event when it was not anything of the kind.  There is a probability that Zimmerman in fact responded to the incident because he was looking for an occasion such as this, as he has been reported to spend periods of time monitoring police scanners.

When the gun-huggers protest that we should all trust them to use their firearms responsibly, it is precisely because they make heroes out of people who DON'T use them responsibly - like George Zimmerman, who arguably should NOT have been given a pass for killing unarmed Trayvon Martin that exemplifies what is wrong with the gun huggers world view, and how law abiding they are NOT.

George Zimmerman - back in court in Sanford where he killed an unarmed kid, back in lax-gun-law state Florida.


  1. Do you think any of the jurors are having buyer's remorse DG? Whether anyone believed this guy was guilty or not guilty, there seems to be little doubt that this dude is a piece of s##t.

    1. We know many of the jurors had remorse right away; that can only be WORSE now, and growing worse with every new episode.