Sunday, November 17, 2013

Right Wing Extremist Craig Cobb Can't Be a White Supremacist Anymore - He's too black.

Fact is stranger than fiction - and more fun.

Ugly human being (on the inside) Craig Cobb, who wanted to try to take over quiet little Leith, North Dakota, and remake it as a White Supremacist stronghold got some (for him) bad news.  Cobb has had his comeuppance: he's 14% black, which excludes him from membership in his own little clique.

As noted in the Bismark Tribune:
Cobb said he plans to “continue on either way.”
He said the results, if accurate, could explain his hatred of blacks, because tribal Africans were hostile to other tribes and feel contempt toward American blacks of mixed tribes.
Cobb said he’d understand if he’s rejected by other white separatists and neo-Nazis because humans should be able to exclude others by choice. He’d also be too black to belong to his own racialist Creativity religion.
“Who knows, I can be an active border guard for people more pure than I,” he said.
Asked about the implications for Leith, Cobb wondered if he’ll be target of “discrimination against octoroons in Leith.”
Octoroons are people with one black great-grandparent.
It is unlikely that Cobb and his few co-belligerent bigots will succeed in taking over Lieth. But in the interim, Cobb is unlikely to find a different DNA result, unless he tampers with it in some way. And more testing that confirms the information will only solidify his alienation from his fellow neo-nazi nut jobs.  Nobody hates as intensely as the rabid radical right, the most unraveled and frequently violent fuzzies of the right wing fringe.

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