Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sounds like the Tea Party, and a good part of the more conservative GOP to me...

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  1. I left this comment:


    “Ideology is not (what) motivates them. ditto drugs. It’s about power”

    True, in one sense.

    But it really is about ideology in a broader sense.

    The Post-modern (as in totally fucking regressive) GOP is ONLY about gathering power; it’s a Ponzi scheme of Power. The rubes are suckered into donating money, running phone banks and attending rallies so that the oligarchs and demagogues can gain power–it never trickles down to the sheeple

    Where progressivism is about social and personal responsibility and the power of the group to effect change in a positive way, what passes for conservatism today is about the accumulation of power and the eschewing of responsibility.

    The GOP’s new “China Shop Rules”:

    Yeah, I fuckin; broke, YOU clean it up and pay for the damage and, oh, yeah, Why do you hate MurKKKa?”.


    over here:

    I am fairly well convinced that accruing political/financial power is THE reason that the GOP exists at this point. The Teabaglicans are useful idiot teens (emotionally) who happen to have found the keys to the car, the liquor cabinet, the old man's porno stash AND the closet where he keeps the REAL firepower and are raising some serious hell while the folks are at their John Birch meeting.

    If you want to read the whole piece I wrote on my blog, well, you know where I live.