Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sums it up.......about the ACA


  1. In all fairness DG, If someone falls ill and does not have health insurance, they are the one who has to incur out of pocket costs.
    If someone rear ends me and does not have insurance, My insurance has to pay for repairs and my premiums most likely will rise. All because of the negligence of an uninsured driver.
    I believe the comparison in the post is a little off.

    1. The comparison refers strictly to the insurance mandate, J.O. B.

      Don't overthink it, LOL!

  2. JOB, actually, it's a pretty similar situation here. If you don't have insurance and cannot pay the bill (which, if it's a serious illness, you can't) then the hospital and physician(s) are obligated to provide your care for whatever you can pay and take the rest as a loss. They get to write some of it off to be covered by Social Security (an unknown fact to many), but the rest has to be absorbed. As such, the provider, mostly hospitals, then have to make up that loss by charging paying patients more for services. So, in the end, your insurance DOES pay a considerable premium (up charge) for the cost of covering under and uninsured patients.