Monday, February 24, 2014

Ding Dong, Dangerous GUN NUT IS GONE!

Late breaking update - Mark Kessler is OUT.  The man demonstrated everything that is reprehensible, ugly, unprofessional, unsafe, and often just so offensive that it was hard to do anything but laugh at him as a parody of himself and other nasty bigoted right wing extremists.  He may be joining the other offensive extremists seeking to carve out an alternate reality on cable tv.  That is where criminals, sexual predators, and those who are too stupid to succeed in the real world go to live.

He did not 'retire', he WAS REMOVED from office for doing a really bad, really unprofessional job and for other kinds of misconduct.  Kessler is no hero, except in his own teeny tiny ugly mind.

Presumably he is no longer on the school board either?

From WNEP:

GILBERTON — The mayor of Gilberton in Schuylkill County confirmed that Mark Kessler is now the borough’s former police chief.
Officials in Gilberton came to a settlement with Kessler on Thursday to retire as chief.
He became the center of a controversy in summer of last year after he posted profanity-laced videos of himself online, firing automatic weapons.
Officials in Gilberton suspended Kessler soon after that.
Now, Mark Kessler is out as police chief in Gilberton.

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