Friday, February 21, 2014

White OUT: Friday update on the right wing terrorists in our region

SFGate had the news this morning - Craig Cobb is going to trial! NO plea deal for him! The deal that the prosecutor had worked out did not sit well with the townspeople he terrorized, which may explain the outcome of the court ordered negotiations.

Given that his fellow radical right wing nut companion in crime has agreed as part of HIS plea deal to testify against him, and the damning photos, it looks like a fast track for Cobb to a long stint in the slammer, as the evidence seems overwhelming against him.  Although, of course, he is presumed innocent so far as the courts are concerned until conviction or acquittal. Still, the 'big house' is an improvement over where he HAD been living, without reliable heat, running water or indoor plumbing -- and never more so than with sub-zero wind-chills and deep snow!

In Minnesota, one of our own dangerous right wing nut militia-terror mongers pled guilty last month to weapons and bomb charges, although he has yet to be sentenced (so far as I can find):

As with Cobb's associate Dutton, it looks as if Rogers may have rolled over on one of his companions in arms and hate:
From the AP:Last month, authorities arrested Keith Novak, whose first name and career match the description of the man Rogers spoke about. Novak, 25, of Maplewood, is charged with fraud for allegedly stealing the personal information of members of his former Army unit to make fake IDs for people in his own militia.
Karma is a b*tch. I'm guessing Cobb is experiencing a large helping of  what-goes-around-comes-around.  It is worth noting that the MN GOP has in the past been welcoming of the radical right militia groups, and appears to continue to be welcoming of them while rejecting moderate Republican former governors and others less extreme on the right.
July jury trial scheduled for white supremacist Updated 7:17 am, Friday, February 21, 2014 CARSON, N.D. (AP) — A white supremacist who unsuccessfully tried to take over a small North Dakota town is scheduled to stand trial this summer on terrorizing charges.

South Central District Judge Gail Hagerty on Feb. 10 gave attorneys in the case of Craig Cobb three weeks to work out a plea deal. On Thursday, less than two weeks later, the court scheduled a jury trial for July 15-17, with Judge David Reich presiding.

The Associated Press left messages Friday for Grant County State's Attorney Todd Schwarz and defense attorney Ryan Heintz seeking comment on whether plea bargain talks had broken down.

Cobb, 62, who moved to the town of Leith about two years ago and attempted to turn it into an all-white enclave, is accused of terrorizing residents with guns in mid-November. He has pleaded not guilty to seven felony counts.

Schwarz this week moved to dismiss one of the counts, saying the evidence didn't justify it, but Cobb still could face up to 30 years in prison if convicted on the other six counts.

Kynan Dutton, who lived with Cobb in Leith and also was charged with terrorizing in the alleged gun incident, pleaded guilty last month to lesser charges and was sentenced to time served and two years of probation. He also is required to testify at Cobb's trial.

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